How to save your Saskatchewan business or farm thousands with solar panels

As a business owner, you likely enjoy paying less tax, reducing your overhead costs and avoiding dreaded carbon tax fees.

Well good news, you CAN do all that and save thousands with solar panels – AND there are great incentives to help businesses go solar.

The big one is the ability for incorporated farms and businesses to write off 100% of the cost of their solar panels in YEAR ONE. That’s thanks to updates to the federal accelerated depreciation program.

It’s like getting a massive cash rebate come tax time. For example:

System cost: $40,000
Your margin tax rate: 30%
= $12,000 cash rebate in that tax year! That’s big.

Not only that, but businesses typically use a lot of power during the day…right when the sun is shining.

That means you’ll be consuming power as you produce it SAVING YOU BIG MONEY ON YOUR POWER BILL.

And any overproduced power will also be given to you as a credit on your SaskPower bill…saving you even more money.

You’ll also avoid the carbon tax fees on your power bill because you’re producing your own green energy.

The result is lower operating costs with a reliable green asset that’s warrantied for 25+ years.

Lastly, you can brand yourself as a Certified Green Energy Leader. We help businesses profile their green energy investment with a logo, social media posts and signage.

Businesses that are socially responsible are proven to be preferred by customers. So brag about your investment a bit…even though you’re saving a lot of money with it.

To recap, here are the top benefits:

  • Massive savings on your federal tax bill
  • Likely thousands in savings each year on your power bill
  • Avoiding carbon tax fees
  • Getting credit for overproduced power to save even more
  • Protect yourself from rising energy costs by locking in now with reliable solar tech for the next 25+ years
  • Become a green energy leader and use it as a branding and marketing opportunity

Some of these programs do have limits and could change if the Liberal minority government doesn’t last.

So get your free quote RIGHT NOW < discuss your options before it’s too late.

Then, enjoy some money falling from the sky.

– Your friends at TruGreen Energy

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