3 Massive Benefits Causing Saskatchewan’s Solar Panel Boom

For most of us, solar panels in Saskatchewan is a new concept.

We haven’t really thought about installing solar panels in between going to work, taking kids to activities and watching Saskatchewan Roughriders or Rush games.

Go Riders, Go Rush by the way.

But solar is booming across Saskatchewan.

For example, in less than two years, our company alone has helped over 250 homeowners, farmers and businesses go solar.

There are hundreds more that have recently installed solar according to SaskPower.

We believe the future of energy is production at the point of consumption.

All the power you likely need is falling on your roof or land right now; you just need to catch it.

Saskatchewan has the 2nd highest cost of power in Canada, but the best solar potential in Canada, thanks to our extra-long sunny days.

So with a green alternative, outstanding government incentives, proven tech and perfect location, it’s a no-brainer to harvest free energy in Saskatchewan.

And when you do go solar, massive benefits are the result. Here are the top 3:



The financial benefit is the main driver for 95% of our solar panel customers.

Going green is great but having A LOT of extra green in your pocket is really good too.

For most homeowners, they save upwards of $1,000 each year or much more.

For farmers and businesses, they are savings between $500 and $5,000 per month and beyond.

Doing the math, that’s $50,000 to over $2,000,000 in savings over their system’s roughly 35-year lifespan.

The savings come from reducing your power bill to the basic SaskPower connection fee, so as close to ZERO as possible.

It’s fun saying bye to your power bill, especially in Saskatchewan with some of the highest rates in Canada.

It also means NO MORE RATE HIKES for the next 35+ years, which people seem to like.


2. High yielding investment with incentives to get you started

9% is the average annual return on a solar investment if you pay cash. As most financial advisors will tell you, that’s very hard to get on the market these days.

But what if you don’t have the cash for the one-time investment?

Easy. We can finance solar panels at $0 DOWN.

Any financing costs are more than paid for by getting up to $20,000 back from SaskPower on your system’s cost.

So yes, you will have payments. But our goal is to keep those payments roughly what you’re already paying now.


That’s a sweet deal.

And there’s even more incentives for farmers and businesses. Contact us for more info.



3. Going green, plus increased property value

First, going green with solar is very rewarding.

Thinking about how your system (that’s making you money) will reduce 200+ tonnes of carbon emissions just feels good.

That’s like planting 5,000 trees or reducing your driving by 640,000 kms.

But getting solar panels also increases your property value, by 2-5% for homeowners.

People are attracted to solar because of the green and huge financial benefits.

Solar is now a selling feature for homes and other properties.

So even if you end up moving, you’ll likely get most or all of your cost back from installing a system.

In the end, going green in Saskatchewan makes sense. That’s why the Riders wear green!

You can get in for $0 DOWN, have a funeral for your power bill and save a bunch of money in the process.

It really is Cleaner. Cheaper. Power. and we want to help as many people take advantage as possible.

If you’re interested, the best step is to request a free quote.

We’d love to reach out and design a custom quote for your property with the help of our engineers.



Talk soon!

– Your friends at TruGreen Energy

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