How to pay for solar with gov’t incentives & your power bill savings: 5 simple steps

Want solar but worried about the cost? Think you can’t afford it?

No problem. Use our quick 5-step guide below to stop worrying and start profiting from our abundant prairie sunshine for basically nothing…seriously!

For most people, they can get their own green energy asset without having to invest any new money of their own.

Here’s how:

  1. Request a free quote at – this allows us to determine if solar is a good fit for your property, and if so, custom design a system for you by our engineers.
  2. Talk to us about $0 DOWN solar financing so your upfront cost is nothing. We accept cash too of course :).
  3. Use SaskPower’s 20% cash back rebate to more than pay for any financing costs. Use the extra cash for another project or to lower your financing cost. Most people do the latter.
  4. Use SaskPower’s Net Metering program to earn credits when you overproduce energy to make your power bill microscopic.
  5. Use those savings on your power bill to pay off your green energy asset.

BONUS IF YOU OWN A BUSINESS: Businesses can write off 100% of their solar system cost in that fiscal year through the recently updated Accelerated Depreciation Program with the Canada Revenue Agency. So, you can drastically reduce your taxable income and save big money on your taxes that year, rather than over 3 years previously.

That’s it! Seriously! No new money needs to be spent for you to get solar.

To review:

  1. Your 20% cash back pays for any financing costs for a system, which includes install and any permits/fees. So, no new money is needed there.
  2. Use the savings on your power bill to pay the monthly financing fees until your green energy asset is paid off. So, you’re just reinvesting dollars you were already spending on power.

THE END RESULT: You become a green energy producer and can profit from the prairie sunshine for the next 25+ years.

And with solar being more efficient and affordable than ever before, there’s never been a better time to invest. Many of our customers are calling it a “no-brainer”…and we agree!

If you want to take advantage of these incentives before they’re gone and get your system installed soon, request a quote below today.

There’s a big demand for solar right now and it takes time to get your system designed and installed. So get that quote request in today and we can follow-up to answer any of your question!

We hope that helps you profit with Cleaner. Cheaper. Power.

– Your TruGreen Energy Team

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