Solar for Homebuilders

Solar energy is the most effective way for homeowners to reduce electricity costs, and it is becoming more and more popular amongst new home buyers. As a homebuilder, you can drastically increase the value of the home you’re building, and sell it faster!

Solar Homes Sell for More Money

Several studies have been conducted in the USA regarding the “value” of solar power on homes. Most recently, a 2015 Berkley Labs study shows that homeowners across the USA have been willing to pay a premium of about $15,000 for a home with an average-sized hosted solar array. While Canada lags the USA in solar installation and solar power in general, information regarding solar home sales in Ontario points towards solar homes selling for more than homes without solar power.

Solar Homes Sell More Quickly

Though studies regarding selling time have not been as extensive as those regarding price, there is evidence indicating that homes with solar spend less time on the market than those without.

Mortgage Embedded

Essentially, when a homebuilder offers solar-ready homes to their customers – they are tying in affordability and savings to the ever-expanding niche that demands solar, and it becomes a win-win situation.

Just as with the trend to offer granite countertops and stainless steel appliances began with one builder, solar is becoming an expected standard option and the solar cost is embedded into the home mortgage – very similar to how some buyers decide to pay $10,000 or $15,000 for a kitchen upgrade. The great thing about embedding the cost of solar into the mortgage is that the homeowner is cash flow positive month one.

Let us help you embed solar energy into your projects – gain the competitive advantage now. 

Great for the Bottom Line,

Great for the Planet.

At TruGreen Energy we can provide you with a detailed solar site assessment and price quote to help you choose whether offering solar on the new homes you build is right for you. Let us help you invest in your energy future.