Frequently Asked
Solar Questions

How does solar photovoltaic energy work?

Visit our Solar Overview page to learn more.

How do I know if solar power might be right for me?

A few key factors go a long way in determining whether solar power can save you money. You could be a great candidate for solar if:

  • You own your home, business or farm;
  • You have a roof that isn’t heavily shaded and is in good condition, or have land that isn’t shaded;
  • You use at least a moderate amount of electricity;
  • You have a good credit (this matters only if you prefer to finance your system);
How much maintenance is required?

Very little or none – inverters may need replacing, which normally occurs after the 20-25 year warranty term. In dusty environments, periodic washing of the panels may help increase electricity production.

How long do solar systems last?

A good quality solar system can last more than 40 years. Most components of TruGreen Energy systems come with 10 – 25 year manufacturer warranties.

What if there is a cloudy day?

Solar systems produce less electricity on cloudy days. The great majority of homes with solar still connect to the local electric grid, drawing power from the local grid when needed.

What if I’m not using electricity when the system is producing power?

In Florida there is a policy called “Net Metering” which means the power utility credits a homeowner for solar energy that is not consumed by the home. Those net metering credits are used up when the home takes power from the utility.

Are Solar Panels Safe?

Solar panels are very safe. TruGreen energy picks the highest quality solar panels that are meant to withstand the harshest environments.


  • One of the sunniest spots on earth holding world records for
    continuous sunlight hours.
  • Legislated net energy metering to protect your investment long-term.
  • Outstanding financing options.
  • A rising cost of power.
  • A residential property tax exemption so when the value of your home increases with solar there’s no additional taxes.
  • No state tax on solar panels or batteries (a 6% savings).
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