Small Businesses See Big Impact With Commercial Solar

Small business owners often find themselves in a predicament – they pay the highest electricity rates compared to larger more industrial companies and sometimes even residential customers. However, these small businesses may also see the biggest financial impact to their cash flow when investing in a commercial solar panel system. Businesses can now write off 100% of the cost of a solar energy system the same year it is installed. 

Do I Have the Space for
Solar Equipment?

If you have rooftop space, land area, or carport space, then you have an unused area available for the installation of solar panels that can help offset or perhaps eliminate your operations electric costs. Power your business and reduce your monthly electricity overhead using commercial solar panels.

Seven Reasons to Invest in Commercial Solar

Solar is an obvious choice for businesses as they move to be more environmentally friendly, but what are some other reasons that businesses should go solar? Below are just a few of the many reasons why utilizing solar energy is a smart investment.

1. Net Metering

This model allows municipal governments, businesses and individuals to own some of the solar panels or a share in the solar power farm. They get to benefit from all the power produced by their share of the solar panels or the system.

2. Decreased Operating Costs

Solar PV systems utilize sunlight – and for most businesses, daylight hours have peak electricity usage. A commercial solar system on your site can offset or completely cover the electricity requirements of your business.

3. Decreased Carbon Footprint

By installing a solar system, your business can reduce tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions that are produced by your business every year. Businesses that support sustainable living are proven to be preferred by consumers across all markets, and this is unlikely to change over the coming years.

4. Increased Adoption Rates

Finally, it’s important to remember that global clean energy investments in developed nations have been steadily, and strikingly, increasing over the past decade. By investing in rooftop solar for your business, you will help lead the way for sustainable growth, and distributed power generation, in Canadian business.

5. Low or No Upfront Costs

If you are a small to medium sized business property owner you can choose different ways to go green with TruGreen Energy with little or no up front costs. Your company can enter into power purchase agreements with TruGreen Energy, in which we pay all costs, and your company gets an electricity rate from TruGreen Energy, typically a rate below current market, and gets the benefit of locked-in lower and more predictable energy bills for the future.

6. Commercial Solar is a Long Term Investment

With growing global concern on climate change and carbon emissions, investment in clean energy is a long-term proposition. TruGreen Energy systems offer a 25-year power producing warranty, but in fact, most solar systems produce power for in excess of 30-years.

7. No or Very Low Maintenance

Typical rooftop solar systems are fixed and durable, with little to no ongoing physical maintenance needed over their lifetime. TruGreen Energy offers real-time monitoring solutions for solar systems.  The system data obtained with our monitoring systems is shared with clients, so you can be sure of how the energy produced at your business is generated and used at any time.