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The world of solar energy and its impact on communities around the world is constantly changing. Check out some articles below about what is happening around the world, including trends, advancements, legislation, and more.

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Top 10 Questions You Need To Ask Your Solar Provider

Installing solar panels is a long-term investment for your home, and we at TruGreen Energy know how important it is for you to work with a company that you can trust. But with so many companies out there claiming to “do solar” – it’s no wonder folks are having a difficult time deciding on who […]

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Carbon Capture Station saskpower

Saskpower looks to Increase Rates 10.25%

Due to a growing demand, with 8,000 new customers last year alone, Saskpower is looking for a huge rate increase for all users. This rate increase is still to go in front of the rate review panel to make sure the process and numbers are done correctly. If it checks out, the rates will first […]

Earth’s Rising Temperatures have Just hit a new Thunderous Point

The number of climate records broken in the last few years is astonishing. Though there’s a new level of misery: Not only did we just experience the hottest April in 137 years of record keeping, but it was the 12th consecutive month to set a new record.   It’s been relentless. May 2015 was the hottest May […]

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Ten reasons to join the Solar Energy Industry

Here’s a list of the 10 best reasons that people decide to go solar. 1.) It’s good for the environment. Unlike conventional power generated from coal or natural gas fired power plant, solar produces no harmful emissions or pollutants that harm the environment. 2.) It’s a solid long-term home investment. Many home improvements that you […]

Man installing Solar Rails on Residential house

How Installing Solar Panels can Increase the Value of your Home

Raise Your Home’s Value Here in Canada, we don’t quite have enough history yet to prove that adding solar will in fact increase the value of your home. However, in the U.S where solar has been around longer than Canada, the evidence suggests that having a solar system could very well increase your property’s value. […]

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