Sask businesses to get up to 45% off solar panels with new federal incentive

Businesses now have 90 days to apply to get an additional 25% off a solar panel or renewable project thanks to a new program from the federal government.

So that combined with SaskPower’s 20% cash rebate for a solar panel project means businesses can get up to a combined 45% off a solar panel system!

PLUS, businesses can write off 100% of the remaining system cost in YEAR ONE thanks to the new accelerated depreciation program from the federal government.

That means your tax bill goes down…a lot, immediately.

Almost every business or incorporated farm in Saskatchewan will qualify, as long as they have 1-499 employees.

This is the solar incentive businesses have been waiting for!

AND, with your power bill going to basically ZERO, taking advantage of these incentives is truly a no-brainer.

But time is of the essence…and literally millions of dollars are at stake.

$218 million to be exact is available across Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Ontario from carbon tax revenues.

The application period is 90 days starting July 17, 2019 or until funding is exhausted.

You’ll need a quote from a solar provider to submit the application.

Request one from us at: and we’ll help you or your staff with the application process through the Canada Revenue Agency.

Ideally, businesses have until October 15, 2019 to submit an application, but the incentive could end sooner if funds run out.*

So get this incredible combined 45% off incentive before it’s gone.

Then you’ll have almost two years to install a system, but you’ll have a massive discount secured.

So get your quote request in ASAP at:

We’ll help you every step of the way through the process and answer all of your questions.

We’re very excited to help businesses save big money while making a big impact on the environment with this new incentive.

Your friends at TruGreen Energy

*Note: not all applications will be accepted by the federal government depending on the solar system size and other factors.

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