How to 2X your money with solar panels in SK for just $5 per day

Can you afford a Starbucks today? Then you can afford solar panels.

Most people think solar panels are only for the “upper-class’, the 1% if you will, especially after the solar credit program from SaskPower became less generous.

But at TruGreen Energy, we believe everyone should be able to save money producing their own green energy…because the future of energy is production at the point of consumption.

So we’ve sharpened our pencil and worked out an exclusive deal with our financing partner so almost anyone can still get solar at an incredibly low rate.

Here’s our new exclusive deal for Saskatchewan folks:

ONLY $5 per day to pay the panels off
$1,000 CASH BACK in your pocket

= 2X your money over the lifetime of your system.

That’s outstanding.

To review, you don’t need to put any cash down to go solar AND we’ll give you a $1,000 cash rebate – all for just a Starbucks per day.

PLUS, whatever you spend per day, you’ll get double that amount back over the lifetime of your system.

That’s because solar panels aren’t like a car or furniture that massively drops in value each year (note: the value of your Chevy is dropping “like a rock”…that’s where they got that).

No, solar panels are a wise investment that saves you money by cutting your power bill in half or more!

You’ll save about $54,238 over the 25+ year warrantied lifespan of the average household system.

Worried about moving? No worries, solar panels increase the value of your home by 2-5% and makes homes sell faster (critical in our buyer’s market).

So whatever cash you put into your solar panels, you’ll very likely get back if you sell your home.

Let’s review the benefits:

  • Cut your power bill in half or more (even with SaskPower’s new credit program when you overproduce power)
  • It’s like locking in your power rate NOW so you don’t take future rate hikes
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Go green (going solar is like planting 4,800 trees or not burning 200,000 lbs of coal!)
  • Get a $1,000 cash back rebate on us
  • Get in for $0 DOWN
  • All for approximately $5 per day

There are even more benefits and incentives we could chat about.


We can’t do this deal forever though. It’s too good.

But we want to help you harness the power of the sun and collect the free money falling from the sky.

Because…turns out…money really does fall from the sky. 🙂

Talk soon,

Your friends at TruGreen Energy

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