Top 10 Questions You Need To Ask Your Solar Provider

Installing solar panels is a long-term investment for your home, and we at TruGreen Energy know how important it is for you to work with a company that you can trust.

But with so many companies out there claiming to “do solar” – it’s no wonder folks are having a difficult time deciding on who to work with.

So how can you tell if that company or person really has the experience and expertise to do the job right?

Well, here are the top 10 questions we recommend you ask ANY solar installer.

1. Are your systems designed by engineers?

Shading, pitch, roof orientation, panel amount, DC/AC disconnect, meter location, electrical box location and more.

You 100% want an engineer trained in solar panel system design to determine all of these components. And each system must be custom designed for the longevity, proper functioning and maximum efficiency of your system.

At TruGreen Energy, we collect photos of your roof with onsite visits and lean on our in-house engineers to create your custom system design.

2. Do you have a journeyman electrician on staff?

If they don’t, avoid them. In Saskatchewan, this is known as a red-seal trade – meaning that any electrical work done in your home needs to be supervised or completed by a journeyman electrician.

Some companies will only have a journeyman electrician show up for a quick inspection because it’s cheaper for them. But you want a company where the journeyman electrician is involved in the entire installation process.

That’s why at TruGreen Energy we have journey electricians on staff and involved in the entire process, so the job is done right, and your family stays safe. For us, this is a non-negotiable.


3. Do you install the system with in-house roofing professionals?

There are 3 types of companies here.

  1. They don’t use professional roofers in any way and can cause serious damage to your roof.
  2. They subcontract work to other roofers with no experience in solar, which can also be dangerous for your home.
  3. They have professional roofers on staff involved with the entire installation process.

Avoid the first two companies and focus on the third.

TruGreen Energy has roofing professionals on staff and we use the highest grade sealants and materials to protect your home.

4. Are the panels from a premium manufacturer with a 25-year warranty?

Truth is, not all panels are created equal – so buyer beware.

At TruGreen, we use premium panels from the top manufacturers backed by 25-year or more warranties.

Fun fact: our panels can withstand large-sized hail (just in case you were wondering) and are built for almost anything Saskatchewan weather can throw at them (including footballs during Rider season)!

5. Are you a local company who can help me if there’s an issue?

If you have an issue with your system, the last thing you need is to call your installer for help, but they are out in eastern Canada or that one-man operation has vanished without a trace.

TruGreen is owned and operated out of Emerald Park (near Regina). We are the fastest growing solar company in the province and have a great track record of serving Saskatchewan residents. We’re happy to have you visit our office and meet our staff!

We also share a portion of profits with local charities and we’re not going anywhere, anytime soon.

6. Can you show me how long it will take to pay off my system?

The solar provider must be able to show you the following:

– How long it will take to pay off my system (if financed)
– The savings on your SaskPower bill
– Your estimated production and net-metering with SaskPower

If the company can’t do that, there’s a good chance there’s flaws within their engineering process or they have no experience in Saskatchewan.


7. How much experience do you have working with SaskPower?

Ensure your solar provider has a good relationship with SaskPower and understands how their processes work. If not, there could be significant delays with your installation.

TruGreen Energy is a SaskPower Efficiency Partner and has worked closely with them on hundreds of installs to date.

8. How familiar are you with the permitting process with my municipality and will you take care of all the permits for me?

The permitting process can take a lot of time and patience to navigate through on your own. Not knowing how the permits work can delay install and result in unexpected fees.

At TruGreen, we take care of submitting and paying for all design and electrical permits with SaskPower and your municipality.

9. Can you provide me with customer reviews and testimonials and examples of other installations?

Seeing examples of work completed mixed with happy customers is a good sign. If a company is not able to produce this for you, look for someone else.

Curious about TruGreen Energy’s reviews? Hear from happy customers like Darren and Seema by visiting our testimonials page.

10. Can you show me the environmental impact on my system installation?

Going green needs to be more than a buzzword. You want to feel good about how your solar investment saves money and protects our planet. Your solar provider should feel the same way.

At TruGreen Energy, we give you a detailed report on how much CO2 your system takes out of the atmosphere and what that is equivalent to, like removing 600,000 vehicle miles from our roads (that’s just for the smaller systems!).

We believe the future of energy is production at the point of consumption.

As a company, we want to play the leading role in Saskatchewan’s accelerated transition to greener, more affordable energy future.

Thank you for your interest in purchasing solar energy for your home or business – we know you are making a great choice!


We hope that this list of questions has provided you with valuable insight on how to make your smart decision even better by ensuring things are done right the first time with a company that you can trust.

  • Your TruGreen Energy Team
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